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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Where is your best place to think or write?

One of mine is while traveling in the car. Don't tell the cops, but my mind wanders to all sorts of imaginary places while driving. If I doze, while not driving, I go in and out of self made dreams and my characters become real and create the story.

This new IPad is wonderful for the car. The keyboard is big enough to see and use. I installed a document app where I can write my stories. I told Larry to mount it to the steering wheel and I can type while driving...everyone else does. No...just give me voice actuated typing, then I might never leave the car.

Watch out California, I'm on the roads again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hey dwill this go to Facebook automatically???
We'll see...right now...clicking "publish"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The computer age promised a paperless society...WRONG.  I create more paper now, with my computer, than I ever imagined possible. 

Yes, all my information is in the computer...somewhere, but I have to remember where to find it and the password I need to find it.  OR...I can have notebooks in a bookcase, and in two seconds I reach for "phone numbers" and voila, my friends and family jump off the page.  All my book research can be in a binder, divided by category, with colorful post-it bunny-ears marking the highlights. Essential passages are underlined in red, with my own notes in the margin.  OR....I can go to favorites/bookmarks on the computer. Once I have the computer open, I scan through a myriad of web pages I saved, open one at a time, and w-a-i-t patiently until the page decides to open.

I write my stories on the computer (absolutely necessary), but I MUST print them on paper (multiple times) to read and edit.  I don't trust emailing passages to friends for input, so I print and mail them, and ask for written comments in return.

I receive personal and business emails I need to keep, so I print and file them. The banks send their statements by email now.  How do you balance a twenty page business statement in email to a multi page bank account on your business software?  You print the statement...more paper.

How many trees do I use each year?  How many do you use?  Computers don't save paper, they create the need for more PAPER   PAPER   PAPER   PAPER.

So what started this tirade?  My printer broke.  I was going through paper withdrawal.  I displayed cold sweats, hyper ventilation, panic, and snapped at my husband until he rushed me to the office supply store to get another one.  Once I had it home, I proceeded to install it on our three computers and sighed in relief after the first test print spewed from the throat of the new printer. 

All is normal in the Danielson household.  Sweet dreams to my friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


SOMETHING TO LOOK AT is my newest story to be e-published and ready for purchase at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/MLDanielson .
Thank all of you who have downloaded THE COWBOY and LULU.
Please read and enjoy, then tell your friends. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


THE COWBOY (free) and LULU ($0.99) are e-published.  Hooray, I did it first time without a reject, but I won't get too cocky, because that's what I thought about the blog.  After all, this stupid thing is a computer and we are always at war.

If anyone has fond ideas about self publishing, use www.smashwords.com.  Print out his instructions and follow them step by step.  They are in plain english with pictures.  I'm a computer dummy and even I did it.  Still doing final edit on SOMETHING TO LOOK AT.  Next week I can finally work on MIKAL ( novel of 80,000 words ) again, the first book of the THREE HEARTS TRILOGY.  Had to do some short stories to learn the process.  I was getting burried in the process with MIKAL.

Thank you Michael Price ( http://papaboop.smugmug.com/ ) for the photo of the Rolls on the cover of SOMETHING TO LOOK AT.  You will see his photos on some of my future stories.

Please check out my stories at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/MLDanielson.
You may download THE COWBOY free.  LULU is only $0.99.  You do not need an e-reader, you can use your computer ( use Online Reading - HTML and click on View )  You may read a free sample of LULU.

Thank you one and all.


Welcome to my first attempt at blogging. Okay...first blog crashed and burned, but if you read this...it is fixed...maybe.  This old dog never knows if anything I do to, or with a computer, works.  

Please follow my journey through life and writing.  I hope to upload my first e-book today, to www.smashwords.com.  We'll see if I followed all the directions correctly, or if it will be another day of saying f...f...f... like yesterday when my blog didn't work after a half day of setting it up.  Only computers (and politicians) make me swear.  Wish me luck...that's the only thing that makes it happen.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Thought new blog worked, but alas the computer grinch ate it.  Trying again.